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Free Move BT
Free Move BT

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Free Move BT


We designed and developed a new concept of board, with parallel rails and super compact length, delivering unmatchable speed, planing ability and ease of use. After lots of prototypes and countless hours of development, we found out our most innovative shape for this program, and we’re happy to present the new BT.

There is nothing new on a parallel rail free move or freestyle wave design, but we’re sure we pushed forward the boundaries for this kind of design. Whether it be higher wind freeride, with end of run moves being a thing, or small to medium size wave shredding, with an emphasis on full rail carves, the BT delivers on all fronts. So if you’re looking for something new, we got what you are looking for…

Full sandwich 90 Kg/m3 + double sandwich under the pads +  Carbon reinforcements / double sandwich bottom stringer + carbon / Deck Carbon Kevlar + carbon + glass layers. Surfing Hot Coat technology with Epoxy pigmented resin to reduce the paint, and the final weight is 250 gr less

Parallel and short outline with very wide nose and tail, but in the mid section the shape is narrower than classic Free Move boards. Footstraps inserts and boxes are back for a pimped manoeuvrability and an easier control. The small tail wingers makes the board more efficient when riding waves. The bottom shape features a pronounced V in the tail with 2mm double concave turning in a flat + V toward the nose. The scoopline is slightly straighter than the AB-Boards FreeWave, with a light tail kick



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