Techno NEW 2024 model
Techno NEW 2024 model

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Techno NEW 2024 model

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TECHNO  D (dagger)

Rigid Ace-Tec

Ideal for

Learning to windsurf for lighter riders
Fast planing board for larger riders
Daggerboard for going upwind in light wind conditions


A perfect board for learning and progressing with a retractable daggerboard, featuring light and durable Ace-Tec construction.

No windsurfboard is stronger and lighter then the TECHNO D

Available in two sizes

160D ltr

185D ltr

Great fun, very quick up to planing and fast in light winds, the Techno 160D is the perfect board to sail in light to medium wind. It’s aimed at lighter weight beginner windsurfers looking to learn and progress fast. It’s also ideal for larger riders looking for a board with good volume and is fast up to planing, and riders looking to progress towards a more physical riding style.

Generous volume, great stability for light weight riders and featuring a retractable daggerboard, the Techno 160D is perfectly designed to give you the most helpful conditions for learning to plane, to jibe and how to ride properly in the footstraps. Highly versatile board that will encourage the whole family to learn and progress. It is made using the thermoformed composite Ace-Tec technology and is as a result much lighter than those of the competition.