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Short Boards 6'6
All the qualities you need in your first shortboard: glide, speed, volume for easy take offs and easy surfing, plus a soft comfortable construction. Choose the size according to the rider profile and surf level: the longer the board, the easier to ride. The shorter, the more radical you can go!

 If you’re looking for a worry-free board that rips, look no further. The PAINT series are perfect first boards to learn on during summer vacation. You’ll be comfortable loaning them to friends to give them a try thanks to a soft, durable finish and ease of use for new surfers. But these are more than just beginner boards, the PAINT series was designed to perform, turning small waves into a rippable skatepark for advanced riders. With a cushy foam deck and POP-colored graphics, PAINT boards ensure you’ll have a comfortable ride and maximum fun this summer. 

PAINT boards are designed to color your waves for many summers to come by using the highest quality materials throughout. Comfort, safety and durability are a key focus:
    - EPS Core with molded in wood or composite stringers (depending on size)
    - 2x 6oz full layer deck and bottom for exceptional durability.
    - Full layer IXPE deck and rails for optimal comfort and safety.
    - Full layer, hard slick skin bottom for maximum glide and performance.

    - Soft fins for added safety.