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The Sportyak 213 is a versatile Tender that comes complete with 2 Oars, 3 Oarlock Brackets, 2 Oarlocks, and has a 2 Person Capacity up to 300lbs/140 kg + 74lbs/34kg of gear (374lbs/170kg Total: Persons, Motors, Gear). Lightweight and easy to transport with excellent glide when you row, the Sportyak can also be fitted with a motor up to 2hp.

Constructed out of tough Polyethylene, the Sportyak 213 is tremendously durable and virtually maintenance free. The Catamaran hull shape gives the Sportyak 213 exceptional stability for ferrying equipment to a boat, hunting, fishing, or any activity on the water. Add in the optional Roller Kit for easy transport over land or the optional Engine mount to hold a small motor up to 2hp. The BIC Sportyak 213 is a stable, durable dinghy tender.

Exceptionally light, solidly built, incredibly long-lasting and stable, the Sportyak has a solid reputation in the world of leisure boating. The Sportyak 213 is the result of 35 years of experience and development!



  • Code106469
  • ModelSportyak 213
  • Max load300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Capacity2 persons
  • ColorGreen
  • Recommended engineelectric / internal combustion engine 12kg max
  • Country of manufactureFrance
  • TechnologyTST
  • Length7'0" / 213 cm
  • Width3'9" / 115 cm
  • Weight51 lbs / 23 kg